Our research is divided amongst 5 main work packages:

WP1: Whole systems analysis and economics

  • Modelling whole electricity systems from generation to local distribution
  • Model the dynamic evolution of the grid
  • Stochastic modelling exploring the full parameter space
  • Developing and applying new market-based models

WP2: Operational management of storage systems and grid control

  • Design optimisation.
    Multi-length scale, materials rich, dynamic models
  • Effective grid interfaces for large numbers of cells
  • Converter topologies, cell communication and physical/thermal designs
  • Grid integration and real time control of energy storage systems
  • Constraint control techniques

WP3: Technology breakthroughs, technology innovation, and materials and manufacturing for grid applications

  • Redox flow batteries
  • Sodium-ion batteries
  • Science to manufacturing
  • Thermal energy storage

WP4: Horizon scanning

  • Link developments outside the consortium to our expertise and analysis
  • Use literature, conferences, groups (EG&S KTN), EERA Horizon 2020, and Advisory Board expertise

WP5: Role in UK 2050 low carbon pathways

  • What is needed for storage to play its proper part in the UK in future?
    Apply whole-system model to design optimal storage
  • Advise on technology needs.
    Apply market model to predict how actual deployment may differ from optimal path
  • Design policies to correct this.
  • Road Map for successful technology and policy futures